Sunday Snippets: 2021 Writing Goals

For the last teen writing club meeting at my library, I had my teen writers answer a series of questions to get them thinking about what they want to accomplish with their writing in 2021. I found the questions to be helpful to get myself thinking about my 2021 goals as well and I thought I’d share the answers here. I want to have these some place where other people can see them and hold me accountable and also so I can look back a year from now and see what I accomplished.

Where do you want to be at in your writing a year from now?
I want to finish Lost and Found and find an agent to publish it. Also edit another draft of a different book as well.

Where do you want to be at in your writing five years from now?
To have an agent and two books published.

What do you want to accomplish writing-wise in 2021?
Finish Lost and Found, write draft 2 of Scoundrels and Scallywags, and work on something new.

What do you want to accomplish writing-wise in January?
Reread Scoundrels and create an outline/plan for edits. Read and organize feedback for Lost and Found and create a game plan for editing.

What is your greatest strength when it comes to writing?
Apparently, describing food. I also write authentic/realistic younger characters (children and teenagers).

What is your greatest weakness when it comes to writing?
World-building and magic systems, specifically integrating the ideas and details into the story naturally.

What is an area of writing that you want to improve in 2021?
Researching and integrating those details into the story.

What is one practice you can adopt in January to help you improve you writing?
Takes notes on my details and create a story “bible” to help keep everything organized and consistent.

What is one practice you can do all year to help you improve your writing?
Read more non-fiction!

Who can you ask to keep you accountable to keep up with your writing in 2021 and give you helpful feedback on improving your writing?
Kristen and Kelly, my writing group

What do you think you could help someone else with when it comes to writing?
Figuring out logic when it comes to plots, consistency in details and such. Probably a lot of other things as well but mainly those two areas.

Which authors do you want to write like?
I want to have the world-building scope and characters of Leigh Bardugo, the powerful themes and messages of Madeleine L’Engle, the genius of Diana Wynne Jones, and the descriptions of Maggie Stiefvater.
I know…. big shoes to fill.

How many books do you want to read in 2021?

What is a new genre you want to read and/or write in 2021?
I want to try reading more horror, if I can stomach it, and also more non-fiction. I’d like to dabble in more sci-fi since I haven’t written a ton of that genre. I have ideas but I don’t always know what to do with those ideas.


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